It is joked about a lot, but when the 'honeymoon period' ends it can be difficult to laugh off.

Perhaps you feel caught in a blame game with your partner, often referring back to the beginning of your relationship wondering why things are not feeling right or as they were?

Car journeys end in stony silences and you have noticed kisses have fallen off the end of text messages between you

Long term relationships can feel like our biggest assignments as we often struggle to grow together and share the same path as our lover. Clients that choose this program have noticed...

  • Work, gym, hobbies are taking priority over quality time

  • One or both in the couple have started to pull away emotionally

  • The future feels uncertain

  • Feeling of being frustrated and having moments of loneliness

  • Are ready for a change and to open up to more

  • Feeling unseen, misunderstood and like your needs aren’t being met

  • A lot of communication issues surfacing

  • There is love and connection in the relationship, but you keep finding yourselves at odds with one another

Perhaps you identify with these indicators or scenarios and you simply don't know where to go from here even though you are smart and try to live a conscious, loving and intentional life.

This is exactly why I created this program. So that women like you can take back your power to participate fully in your relationship and see the change and growth you long to achieve, become a reality.

This program provides clients with the space, time and tools so that they...

  • Are aware of their triggers and can deal with them in healthy ways

  • Understand how they are acting out previously taught roles of relating, being loved and addressing conflict in their partnership 

  • Have a better understand of their own needs as an individual and in the relationship

  • Embrace their own idea of being an adult woman in the most healthy and nourishing way

  • Have tools to foster better communication and understanding with their partner

  • Create a relationship vision and actionable goals

  • Are courageously doing their inner work first and learning to ask for what they want...from a place of responsibility rather than blame

  • Are moving from self victimization and criticism into responsibility and ownership of their life

What's included and how does it work?

We will use NLP, powerful mind body tools like felt sense work, inner child work, forgiveness work, voice dialogue, powerful visualizations, sacred meditations and more.

A guide to program themes

  • Session 1: Exploring personal history and getting a clear picture of where you are vs where you want to be.

  • Session 2: Exploring the need for polarity in relationships. Diving into feminine and masculine needs. Identifying patterns in relationship where polarity is suffering.

  • Emotional healing work to address key past relationships and triggers

  • Session 3: Continue personal healing work. Looking at key relationships and relationship to self. Align relationship and life values. Homework around identifying key driving needs in life/relationship and creating clear definition of the self you need to step into to live the life you want emotionally, physically, mentally and spiritually.

  • Session 4: Address any additional key issues, review what you've learned and create accountability plan.


  • This program comprises of 4 sessions completed over 2 months (bi-weekly sessions)

  • Pre-work - questions to get a sense of the current problems you are facing and how to best support you

  • Sessions are virtual via Skype or other online meeting room

  • Homework between sessions (the nourishing kind)

  • Unlimited email support in between sessions

Currently: $1160

(Regular Investment: $1450)

*Payment plan available 

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