Does finding long term love seem to evade you and you are over it?

Do you long to be in a relationship, and yet, the fear of being hurt again or the hazards of dating leave you feeling stressed?

Modern life sometimes feels too complicated when it comes to matters of the heart and although we try to mask how we feel with “I’m fine” the reality is often different and it’s impossible not to compare your single status to the friends you are seeing settling down.

Many women can even get to the point where they feel “what’s the point?” when getting ready to go out on another date as something just isn’t clicking with these potential matches. When did connecting with someone start to feel so rare, and such hard work?

This isn’t helped by some people in our lives asking us to drop our standards and expectations when it comes to finding our love match or criticising our efforts “Have you thought about taking up <insert a random hobby> to meet someone?” or reminding you that “You don’t have much time left!”

If the above feels uncomfortably familiar for you, I want you to know it does not have to be this way and although it may feel out of reach at the moment, I know finding and flourishing in your love life is possible for you. And with that:

  • Get out in the world and feel confident about it

  • Forgive ex-partners and caregivers in the past and present so you can make peace and move on

  • Define what it means for you to be a woman

  • Stop and rewrite your script so you can make the shifts you need, to welcome the type of love you want to attract

  • Stop saving other people and make space and time for this crucial area of your life

  • Deepen connection in your life... not just in your relationships, but all areas that need to be awoken

  • Trust – fully and wholly without fear or regret.

The clients that choose to work with me on this Find & Flourish program can expect to access and experience transformation that allows you to meet the love you deserve half way. Together we will:

  • Take off ALL pressure of other people’s expectations

  • Arrive at a really clear picture of what makes you tick in your love life - no more blind spots, no more false assumptions, just empowering truths unique to you and a strong relationship version

  • Create awareness of your KEY triggers and develop tools so you can deal with your triggers in healthy ways

  • Without fear, understand the patterns and beliefs behind your previous emotional discomfort.

  • Uncover tools to better understand your own needs as a person and in a relationship

  • Embrace your own idea of being an adult woman in the most healthy and nourishing way - kiss goodbye to the ‘drama queen’, ‘perfect princess’ or ‘gung-ho warrior’ identities you might have felt pressure to adopt in your adult life

  • Begin to explore your feminine and sexual nature from an empowered place of self-connection free from the influence of the past or the norms that the media push your way

  • Improve your relationship with yourself and be really clear on your relationship goals - not holding onto your old ones that no longer serve you

  • Move confidently away from self-victimisation or critical tendencies, and into responsibility and ownership of your life

You will also receive an accountability action plan to cover the main strategies we will cover, how and when to use them.

So how does it work?

  • This program comprises of 4 sessions completed over 2 months (bi-weekly sessions)

  • Pre-work - questions to get a sense of the current problems you are facing and how to best support you

  • Sessions are virtual via Skype or other online meeting room

  • Homework between sessions (the nourishing kind)

  • Unlimited email support in between sessions

A guide to program themes

Session 1: Exploring personal history and getting clear picture of where you are vs where you want to be

Session 2: Diving into feminine energy and what it means to you. Relating feminine essence to what you learned from female role models. Identifying patterns in relationship that may be causing you to self-sabotage or make love feel out of reach

Session 3: Continue personal healing work. Looking at key relationships/relationship to self. Align relationship and life values.

Session 4: Address any additional key issues, review what you have learned and things to keep in mind. Create accountability plan.

Currently: $1160

(Regular investment: $1450)