I am here to lead people through unbelievable transformation in their relationships at work and play!

I am available for speaking gigs at your PR, media and corporate events to inspire women and men into taking the action that’s required to up their game in how they relate in all aspects of their lives.

There is so much pressure to “be” a certain way if you want to succeed in personal and professional life. Sometimes it can feel like an impossible web to navigate. Competing personalities and our own desire to succeed can feel overwhelming.

My talks are successful. They inspire audiences to change behaviour, shift attitudes and implement tools that work. Through my engaging and uplifting style, my talks help people see how they can show up authentically and with realness to get ahead in love, life and career.

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Creating Radiant Relationships: Learn insider tips and strategies to take your relationships from conflict and miscommunication to clarity, radiance and fun!

The Intimacy Cure: Bringing the fun back into intimacy with yourself and others! This isn’t just about sex, but more about harnessing your innate creative womanly powers to build the life you’ve been craving.

Overcoming the inner Saboteur: Say goodbye to the anxiety filled fight, flight and freeze response and hello to a comforting and empowered relationship with yourself.

3 big myths about the honeymoon phase: Long term relationships in our adult years can present a unique set of challenges. In this talk, I spell out how to grow as a couple and not get caught up in the false beliefs so many of us have about what it 'should' be like.

Other topics are...

  • Techniques to instantly improve your marriage
  • How to resolve a conflict in the moment
  • Communication tips for relationships
  • What does self-love really mean?
  • The essential keys to making love last early in marriage/relationships
  • How to talk about your sexual desires and needs with your partner
  • Manifest the perfect partner

Event guest feedback...

"Nira - A huge thank you again for taking part in our summit and your amazing energy on stage. People LOVED your talk and it was amazing to have you at the event." 

- Natalie Colalillo, Founder & CEO of Happy Healthy Women

"You are so in your element when coaching on relationships"

- Nisha Goyal


Authentic Communication:

Crafting the perfect talk or workshop for your audience is my joie de vivre! I am open to creating a bespoke presentation that’s focused on your specific needs and the message you want your audience to walk away with. If you have an idea of what you'd like to communicate to your audience, please don't hesitate to contact me.


  • I have run my own private practice for 10 years and in this time have helped hundreds of people transform their lives through our time together.
  • With a background in education, training and experience in creating excellent relationships to self and others, I thrive in front of an audience
  •  I bring powerful tools from my knowledge of NLP, Psychotherapy, Hypnosis, Time Line Therapy, Mindfulness Practices, and real life Mad Goddess Love Action to every event to stimulate both the hearts and minds of guests
  • This is my life’s work and mission. I’ve spoken on TV, the internationally acclaimed Hay House Radio, throughout school boards in Ontario and businesses (large and small!). Over the years, I’ve spoken on stages and workshops with thousands of people. It’s really where I’m most comfortable!
  • I have an authentic style packed with realness, personal stories, humour and downright engaging content leaving the audience armed and ready to take their relationships to the next level. I don’t just speak about this stuff, I live it.
  • I’m comfortable using a multimedia approach to my talks so that everyone’s communication needs are met.
  • Got some Qs and As? Bring them on! I’m open to answering questions and making it so that each member of your audience feels included and engaged at their comfort level.

"Your words and how you carry yourself all radiate "relationship coach"...I cannot wait to see what else you come out with! No PowerPoint, just authentic goodness!" 

- Nisha Goyal

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