Scared of being hurt when it comes to love?

There are few things in life like love.

Our pursuit of love and connection can bring us so much happiness and excitement or leave us feeling totally unworthy and heartbroken.

Whether we’re in a relationship or looking to call love into our lives, the challenges can feel insurmountable at times. Sometimes the weight of dating, feeling rejected or like there aren’t any suitable partners left out there can leave us feeling tired and lost.

For those in a relationship, that fairytale love might seem perpetually just out of reach. Constant conflict, communication challenges, the birth of a child, meddling in-laws, or feeling like you and your partner just aren’t on the same page can be absolutely devastating.


All of these things can leave us in a dreadful standstill - not moving forward fast enough and afraid of the emptiness of being without love...

My Story...

This is such a personal topic for me.

I have been in the depths of darkness when it comes to love.

For me, being alone was not an option. I witnessed a lot of relationship turmoil in my early years and I had vowed to myself that I would find a partner that loved me to the ends of the earth.

That intention brought me together with my husband. Our love is deep, real, raw. It has nourished me and ripped me open. Through our partnership, I came face to face with the stories and patterns that were running my life and relationship. I’ve always had really high standards for relationships and expect people to show up with integrity.

While it sounds pretty good, it actually showed me the deep level of codependence I had placed on my happiness.

I needed my partner (and other key relationships) to show up a certain way for me to feel safe, secure, cared for and loved. Obviously, this didn’t work very well. It actually sucked pretty hard because no one could be what I wanted, when I wanted, all the time.


I had to confront my insecurities and all the ways I was giving the power of my happiness away to others...


I put in the work of excavating my past and coming face to face with the unhealed wounds, limiting beliefs, patterns and fears that kept me stuck in the same old story of powerlessness and victimization.

I stepped up and into my life and so can you!

I learned how to be the master of love in my life, especially when anxiety, stress and agitation were rearing their ugly heads once again! I started to intimately know self-love and personal power.

From this place, I rose to the occasion of my life and my relationships rose with me. I’m not going to lie, it took a lot of work, I had to commit to myself and be accountable.

This journey was truly about taking a long look at myself and stepping into what it really takes to create the love and life I wanted. And you know what? It worked!

My relationship isn’t perfect, but now I have the tools and strategies for dealing with whatever comes my way. I make sure that I am heard, honoured and valued by first doing those things for myself and showing up in healthy ways to create the space for my partner to do the same for us.

At first, for a long time actually, I thought I could just talk more, explain my side more, ignore things that bugged me in the back of my mind or just be more positive and hope that things would work out. At worst, this approach totally backfired into explosive arguments or feeling shut down and at best, it worked very temporarily before the same problems resurfaced. My personal journey has equipped me with the tools that really make relationships and love flourish in our lives. Regardless of whether you’re with someone right now or not, the tools and processes work.

Together, we will uncover your deepest desires and your most unconscious fears.

We’ll get to the heart of your current feelings and move through it with greater perspective and understanding.

Not only will we work directly on your relationship concerns and challenges, but we’ll also dig deeper. We’ll look at the various relationships and experiences that have shaped you and your life. You will be held in a space of kindness, total compassion and non-judgement as you take massive strides toward harmony in your life and relationships. You will walk through deeply transformative healing processes, be given exercises and activities to shape new patterns in your life and relationships, learn tools and strategies to deal with real life challenges and stresses in the area of love and reclaim the radiant, radical and life affirming power of your feminine essence.


  • Sleeping through the night, no mental chatter bothering you about your relationships or recent conversations
  • Feeling positive about dating and attracting the right suitors
  • Not wondering about your future, but being so content in your present that you trust where you are with your relationship status
  • Being so in tune with your day to day, that things that used to stress you out and put you in a tailspin, simply flow over you like gentle waves because you use your tools to hold onto your power
  • Not snapping at your partner and no irritation about the traits or behaviours that currently drive you bananas
  • Never second guessing your intuition, instead, letting it lead to the benefit of all areas of your life
  • Rewriting stories of communication with your partner so that it feels easier, open, authentic and allows you both to express yourself fully and be heard equally
  • Once and for all, putting down past family and romantic baggage that may have held you back until today