Anna and Stephen

"Without hesitation, we would highly recommend Nira’s Coaching to anyone who might need or be looking for greater life, relationship and personal balance and satisfaction. We are so pleased to have chosen a more holistic approach and very fortunate to have found such a caring, professional, talented, and sincere person with whom to work. We are so much better prepared to cope, manage and deal with our personal and marital issues in more mature, healthy, balanced ways. We have new and lasting skills, strategies, and techniques to use that we know work for us and this experience has brought us much closer and we have achieved great success already. Many thanks, much appreciation and our most sincere wishes and regards to Nira…we thank you for pushing us to grow, learn, and become better and wiser people and a much stronger, aware, and understanding couple and team!" 


"Thank you Nira for helping guide me through my emotional blocks (some more hidden then others), which kept me from fully embracing my life and moving forward. You helped me see the truth in my perceived negative situations. Now when the old thought patterns emerge I draw on our discussions and stop them in their tracks!"

Sadia Rafiquddin

"Nira is a gem. She came into my life at a time when I was seeking her guidance and needed the support of someone with her compassion and grace. She took me through a year long process to discover my relationship with myself that has brought tremendous rewards and inner peace. Thank you, Nira. Thank you for giving me hope when I lacked it. Thank you for taking me through a process I didn't know how to navigate on my own. And above all, not only are you an amazing coach but you have also become a wonderful friend." 

Nisha Goyal

"I absolutely loved working with Nira Lall on my relationship goals! I met Nira a few months ago when I was at a point in my life where I had come off a long period of chronic stress and disconnection and felt as if I had no connection in my life. As a result, I had been alone for 8 years and struggled with my relationships and in general, how to invite intimacy into my relationship with a partner, but also with myself. I started working with Nira and she got to work right away, helping me to work through past hurts, blocks and limiting beliefs around relationships. I started to see results right away. She has a wealth of knowledge on relationships and I always felt safe and supported in our work. Without her support during and outside the calls, and her tools I would not be where I am today! I feel more connected than I have in years and am ready to manifest the love that I want and that I now know is truly out there for me! The time, energy and money that I invested in this process was well worth it!"

Preeti Aggarwal

"A true leader in every sense of the word - Instead of telling you something about yourself she leads you to discovering it within you – allowing you to come to a greater acceptance and belief than you knew possible.

  • Giving , accepting and supportive - She listens with a sense of acceptance we hardly ever grant to ourselves. She gently allows you to feel your feelings in a way that mitigates judgment from your thoughts.
  • Thorough and compassionate – No issue is too small, she is willing to go through any aspect of any issue you need to, never makes you feel that anything you want to discuss is insignificant.
  • She creates a safe open space to be completely truthful, without the fear of any judgment of any kind. A safe space to work through the mess the emotions we all carry with us through life.

An excellent example – Simply observing the grace and strength with which she carries herself is inspiring and her strongest lesson is her own life, her spirit and her own way of being."

Patti Aguiar

"They say people come in and out of our lives for a reason.  I am so grateful that a strong force led me to Nira and her services when I seriously needed unbiased help.  No judgement.  Within 5 sessions, Nira helped with my soul cleansing which surprised me in starting with my childhood to my present state; in order, to forgive, let go, acknowledge my true wants and needs in life and career;  a better understanding of others,  know my true value; but, most importantly, bring clarity and awareness of WHO I AM!   My experience working with Nira was life changing. Amazingly, with Nira’s practices and exercises, Nira's monthly group sessions and my own efforts, my chakras are aligned and I feel empowered.  I'm focused to keep the inspiration and uplifting spirit alive for the best of me and others in my life."

Kristen S.

"After my sessions with Nira I have felt that I have been able to release much of the anger, anxiety and guilt that I had been carrying around inside myself for many years. She helped me be aware of how these emotions were holding me back from moving forward in my life. There is such an ease in speaking with her, it felt that we had known each other for years. There was no judging but just calm, sound discussions that helped me see the worth of myself again. I am so thankful to have met her, and will continue to work with her to maintain the goals I have set for myself."

Shivangi G.

"At first I was skeptical about going to a Relationship Coach. However, I had come to a point in my life in which I thought, I need to figure things out, so why not try it. I came across Nira and I am glad I did. She is a very thoughtful, kind and knowledgable individual. This immediately put me at ease and I was able to open up to her about what I was feeling. Nira truly listened to what I had to say which allowed her to assess which approach best suited my needs. During the course of our sessions, Nira also gave me tools that I could use at home in order to deal with any issue that I felt was overwhelming. Nira has helped me see things in myself and in others that I was never able to see before. She has helped me find the strength within to move forward with who I am and and what I want for my life and relationship."