For many of us intimacy with ourselves and others feels out of reach and something for other people.

You may or may not be in a relationship with another person and yet you increasingly know that you need to focus on your relationship with yourself. 

How does this show up?

You might be experiencing low self-esteem and self-confidence, self-worth issues, body image and/or sex life issues could also be increasingly present for you.

Perhaps you find yourself avoiding or feeling unsafe at the prospect of intimacy.

And yet you remember a time when it was not this way...

You did once feel connected

You did used to feel sexy and aware of your powerful side

You did know that more was possible in your love life and career 

Clients that choose to work with me via the Intimacy Breakthrough often experience the following. Are you?:

  • Struggling to look at your body in the mirror and feel love for it.

  • Following other women on social media that are living their lives with energy, excitement and beauty, wishing you could have that too.

  • Having a constant feeling of low level anxiety, like you should be doing, being or having more. You just want to be free of this constant stress and emptiness.

  • Looking for a drama free way to work through the blocks and issues associated with intimacy.

  • Feeling out of place when you hang out with other women and they are sharing stories about their love lives.

  • Noticing you have shut down certain parts of yourself physically, emotionally, mentally and/or spiritually.

  • You may have even heard of words like 'yoni' and 'sacred feminine' but you do not fully understand their meaning.

You are curious, but cautious and know self-exploration is the way to achieve your intimacy breakthrough.

Because your breakthrough IS possible.


  • Your partner brushing past you in bed or taking your hand in the coffee line and you feel relaxed and open

  • Feeling confident and clear about putting your whole self out there when it comes to finding love

  • Totally accepting yourself and no longer carrying any shame

  • Feeling you have given yourself a second chance

  • Being powerfully connected to your body and intuition

  • Understanding the patterns and beliefs behind your previous emotional discomfort

  • Having the tools to better understand your own needs

  • Embracing your own idea of being an adult woman in the most healthy and nourishing way

  • Exploring your feminine and sexual nature from an empowered place of deep self connection

Intimacy Breakthrough is a program that includes:

  • 12 Sessions over 6 months (bi-weekly sessions)

    • Session 1 is a 60-90 min Foundation Session and the following 11 sessions are 1 hour.

    • Accessed via Skype or an alternative suitable platform

  • Pre-work - to give us a strong start and plot your path to growth

  • Homework and recommended resources shared with you between sessions

  • Unlimited email support in between sessions

  • A mixed use of NLP, powerful visualizations, sacred meditations, voice dialogue, felt sense work, inner child work, deeply nourishing and healing forgiveness work of self and others, trauma release, action plan for present and ongoing goals with heart (they actually mean something, not just more pressure to be, do, have something for the sake of it)

  • Potential for bonus sessions with health coach and business/career coach if this is needed for added benefit

  • We will go deeper in the safest way possible. Deeper than you thought you could or would go. Deeper than you thought you even needed to go. 

Currently: $4997

(Regular Investment: $6350)

*Payment Plan Available