These are perfect for you if you...

Are a single woman who feels...

  • Confused

  • frustrated with putting herself out there and recognizes that she has low self worth, self-esteem, confidence issues.

  • Cold and/or closed off from love and wants help opening up and trusting the process of finding love

Or, you are in a relationship feeling...

  • Stressed and frustrated

  • Like you don't really know what to do next.

  • Perhaps you are feeling unheard and unsupported by your partner.

  • Like questioning if this is the ‘right one’ with your friends might telling you that you needs to find someone else or maybe even that your expectations are too high!

Or, regardless of your relationship status...

You are a woman who just wants to feel better about yourself. You know there is more to life and that you are really playing small. You want help your own healing and feel whole again.

My single session offering is set up to help create the shift you are looking to achieve in the area of love and relationships (including the one with yourself!)

The results you can expect include:

You no no longer have the nagging feeling that something is wrong.

Feeling empowered to take action in your life.

You feel more clear about the actual root of your current problem.

You have some action steps on what to do next to move you along your path toward gaining more clarity and feeling more in control of your experience.

What is included?

90 min - 2 hour session.

Depending on what’s needed we will use use NLP, powerful mind body tools like felt sense work, inner child work, forgiveness work, voice dialogue, sub-personalities work, powerful visualizations and sacred meditations.

Most likely there will be a lot of talking, discovering why you have been feeling they way you feel and deliver great insights for you and your path.

Investment: $360